Business Intelligence Errores comunes en su implementación


Business Intelligence Errores comunes en su implementación Resumen Hoy las iniciativas de Business Intelligence se han vuelto una gran necesidad en las organizaciones de todo tipo y tamaño, sin embargo hemos encontrado que en muchos casos estas implementaciones no están generando los resultados esperados, quedando luego en desuso. Nuestra amplia experiencia en el tema, nos ha llevado a identificar los errores típicos por las cuales fallan estos proyectos, que los hemos sintetizado en 7 puntos que explican este deterioro, de los cuales estamos planteando recomendaciones para que puedan atenuarlos en sus propias iniciativas. Palabras clave Business Intelligence, información clave para [...]

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Covid Dilemma 3


Covid Dilemma #3: Local Interests Versus Broader Shared Interests There is no room for "us/them" in the battle against COVID-19. There is only "we."--Bernice L. Hausman and Heidi Y. Lawrence In times of danger, it’s natural for us to want to protect and defend our families and loved ones. COVID-19 constitutes a serious threat. Think of the human body when it is being attacked. Heart rate increases, pumping additional blood to the muscles and brain where it is needed. Pulse and blood pressure go up, breathing quickens; vital systems are alert and ready to react. But once [...]

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Covid Dilemma 1


COVID CONSEQUENCES Covid Dilemma #1: Save Lives Versus Save The Economy As countries begin to see results from aggressive social distancing, pressures are mounting daily to lift restrictions and return to a state where gatherings of all kinds, both work and play, are again the norm. Three main arguments for this are: first, that the real danger has been averted through flattening the curve and this reduces the threat of serious recurrence, second, that the economic costs will cause greater damage than the loss of a few lives, and third, that the real health impacts have been exaggerated from the [...]

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Innovating in a global crisis: what do you do when you don’t know what to do next?


Innovating in a global crisis: what do you do when you don’t know what to do next? The tremendous impact of the coronavirus is altering the world for all of us in many ways. No one, including organizational leaders, knows what to do next, where this is going or when it will end. It could be six months or longer before we get back to anything normal and this new normal is expected to include pocket resurgences of coronavirus around the world. The situation we are in might be closer to World War II in magnitude than anything we have [...]

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COVID Consequences


COVID CONSEQUENCES Covid Consequences: The Ten Dilemmas Every Country Must Face At the Transcend Strategy Group, we take dilemmas very seriously, and believe they offer a short cut to deeper understanding and insight about complex and difficult situations. In 2004, we wrote The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix, a primer on dialectical thinking and problem-solving, and we have been putting those lessons to use in courses and with clients ever since. Dilemmas are challenges comprised of two competing interests which are inextricably connected. We want our food to be tasty and it also needs to [...]

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